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Mineral makeup in the loose form is the healthiest makeup you can apply to the skin. It is about what IS in minerals, and what IS NOT. Mineral makeup varies from one company to another, but they all contain natural iron oxides for colour. If they offer sun protection, it is only with natural zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide, and many contain vitamins as well to feed the skin. They allow the skin to breathe through them, reducing the possibility of pores clogging. What they do NOT have in them is what sets them apart from other makeup products. They are free of preservatives, emulsifiers, chemical dyes and fragrance. They do not contain mineral oil, or chemical sunscreens. Any or all of the above are possible skin irritants, and the problem is with most makeup (and skincare), if we do have a reaction, we cannot determine what ingredient(s) is causing it. Loose mineral makeup eliminates this situation. It is rare to have a reaction, but if ones does, it is relatively easy to determine what is causing the problem.
Susan Posnick COLORFLO
Mineral Foundation with Brush
PRICE: £75

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Simply brush and go Susan Posnick COLOR
FLO® mineral foundation in a luxurious, self-dispensing refillable brush. Susan Posnick COLORFLO is invisible and weightless on the skin. It's your skin, but better and comes in a range of colours.

With all natural ingredients Susan Posnick COLORFLO provides powerful and natural UV protection. Susan Posnick COLORFLO will not clog pores or irritate sensitive skin. In fact, the natural mineral ingredients are so gentle, you can apply Susan Posnick COLORFLO immediately after facials, photo facials and gentle peels.

  • Invisible, buildable coverage for flawless looking skin;
  • Quick and easy application and sun protection;
  • Compact and portable-great for travel, even goes with you on the plane;
  • Enriched with Vitamins A and E to nourish the skin;
  • Softens fine lines and doesn't crease
  • Water and sweat resistant;
  • Easy to change your foundation color from summer to winter;
  • Environmentally thoughtful, with a refillable container;
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan.
Application (video below):
1. REMOVE cap;
2. SLIDE plastic sleeve all the way down to expose brush hair;
3. TAP brush with the brush hair facing down on the fleshy part of the palm, or 'flick your wrist' until you see product on the head of the brush;
4. MASSAGE onto face in a circular or sweeping motion using gentle pressure*;
5. Repeat step 4 for additional coverage;
6. SLIDE sleeve 1/2 way up for more precise coverage, especially under eyes and around nose.

*if the prduct stops flowing through the brush, tap the bottom of the container on a hard surface a few times.

Contains 4 gms of powder.

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