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Airbase Skin Primer
PRICE: £49·95 for 30 ml

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Airbase First Base Perfecting Primer is unlike any other. This is the first primer to use platinum technology developed in a Swiss laboratory to assist moisturisation of the skin. Providing a perfect first base with added anti-ageing properties,

Airbase Perfecting Primer gives beautiful results whilst moisturising and nourishing.

Use Airbase First Base Perfecting Primer under your make-up to give the perfect base for your foundation and a flawless finish that lasts all day.

Benefits: Airbase Perfecting Primer moisturises and protects the surface of the skin, minimising imperfections and fine lines. It provides a perfect base for your make-up leaving you with a flawless illuminated and fresh look.:

Application: Apply a small amount with fingertips and smooth over the entire face. On normal and combination skin—apply as a first step before your foundation. On dry skin—apply over your usual moisturiser, then apply your foundation.

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