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Contact Lenses London

For contact lens wearers, we offer contact lenses from the most straightforward application to the most demanding and complex medical need.
Speciality lenses can help make an eye which has suffered damage look more pleasing; they can restore sight after corneal surgery or where injury or infection has caused scarring and distortion.
For the more complicated fits we have the SynergEyes hybrid lens, SoClear and ClearKone which are now available at our London practice in Harley Street, Central London. These lenses combine the comfort of a soft lens with the high-definition optics of a rigid lens. They can be fitted for short-sight, long-sight, astigmatism, keratoconus, post-corneal graft and post-trauma.
For a patient who has eyes that appear very different from each other, Mr Bailey offers made to measure, individually painted lenses so that both eyes appear the same. These can be for eyes that are not the same colour as each other, or the cornea (the black part of the eye) is not the same size or shape in both eyes, or the iris (the coloured part of the eye) or the sclera (the whites of the eye) look very different. For more information contact Jennie on 07973 691727 or use the contact form to send an email, or make an appointment at our consulting rooms in Harley Street, Central London.
Mr Bailey also has lenses made to help patient's who have double vision or for patients who have eyes that either tend to look away from each other, or look "cross-eyed".
For more information contact our London consulting rooms today.

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Keratoconus We can halt the progress of this condition through a treatment called C3-R.

BOTOX® Treatment Mr. Bailey offers BOTOX® for medical and cosmetic purposes.

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