What to Expect after LASIK: Post-op LASIK Visits

Post-op LASIK Visits - London, UK

Apr 1, 2017 @ 09:00 AM — by csbailey
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A laser focused on a patient’s eyeYour LASIK experience does not end when your LASIK surgery is complete, particularly when you trust your vision to an ophthalmologist as thorough and caring as Mr Steven Bailey. Just as Mr Bailey will guide you through the LASIK process leading up to your surgical appointment, he will monitor your vision and the progress of your healing afterward. Indeed, your post-op LASIK visits to our London, UK eye care centre are a fundamental part of your overall path toward vastly improved vision.

During your initial consultation with Mr Bailey, he will discuss your post-op LASIK visits with you, including what they will entail and when they will occur. He wants you to understand precisely what is expected of you before you commit to undergoing LASIK. The post-operative recovery period requires that you follow all instructions provided to you by Mr Bailey most diligently in addition to attending every scheduled appointment. While you will be expected to adhere to a certain set of post-surgical guidelines, you will certainly find this a more-than-fair exchange for a lifetime of improved vision.

If you would like to discover whether you are a suitable candidate for LASIK, we encourage you to schedule your initial consultation with Mr. Steven Bailey today.

What Will Your Post-op Appointments Entail?

Among the most important purposes of your post-op appointments is to check the acuity of your vision. Some patients achieve optimal visual acuity very soon after LASIK surgery; however, in other cases, it takes a bit of time for that peak to be reached. The first post-op appointment will allow Mr Bailey to establish a baseline for the acuity of your vision after surgery; at subsequent visits, any improvements in visual acuity can be compared against this baseline.

Another important purpose of your post-op appointments is to monitor your healing and check for any possible complications. When LASIK is performed by an experienced eye surgeon such as Mr Baily using the finest technology and most advanced techniques, complications are extraordinarily rare. However, if a complication does occur - flap displacement, for example, or undercorrection of a visual error - the issue can be resolved sooner rather than later, which is always for the best.

Over the long term, your need to have regular eye examinations will be more urgent than it was before you underwent LASIK. This is because you will emerge from the surgery with thinner corneas due to the removal of corneal tissue that is at the core of LASIK surgery. This generally does not create any problems; however, it does make you somewhat more vulnerable to corneal conditions and diseases.

Learn More about Post-op LASIK Visits

Throughout your experience at our eye care centre, Mr Bailey and team will work to provide you with the best care possible, from your initial consultation to your post-operative visits. If you have any questions about LASIK or post-op LASIK visits, or you would like to schedule your initial consultation with Mr Bailey, please contact our eye care centre today.