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May 2, 2016 @ 11:58 AM — by csbailey
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A patient being checked by an eye doctorMr. Steven Bailey provides the people of London with advanced eye care services, always with a focus on total wellness and enhancing vision quality. He also provides assistance with emergencies related to your eyes and your vision.

Since a number of patients have wondered about the nature of eye care emergencies, we would like to discuss such matters in greater detail, including some tips on dealing with such emergencies and how these incidents might be prevented.

What Types of Incidents Are Considered Eye Care Emergencies?

Its important to differentiate between regular eye care concerns and major eye care emergencies. In general, the following issues may be signs of an eye care emergency, particularly when multiple problems are present:

  • Sudden vision loss
  • Sudden floaters and flashes
  • Sharp pain of the eye
  • Severe inflammation of the eye
  • Bulging or distortion of the eye shape
  • Excessive tear production
  • Puncturing or penetration of the eye
  • Direct and serious injury to the eye or eye area
  • Objects lodged in the eye
  • Chemicals solutions in the eye

Causes of Eye Care Emergencies

Severe eye trauma may result from all matter of incidents, typically involving head or facial injury of some kind. Some examples include:

  • Motor vehicle and transportation collisions
  • Accidents involving bicycles
  • Workplace accidents (especially at industrial sites)
  • Sport injuries (especially contact or combat sports)
  • Major falls that involve head trauma
  • Physical altercations
  • Food preparation injuries
  • Carpentry or gardening mishaps

Keep in mind that a sudden eye care emergency may occur without a serious initial incident. For instance, a retinal tear may happen while going about your daily routine, and the only sign of the issue is the sudden appearance of flashes and floaters in your field of vision.

Seek Medical Attention If Your Life Is in Danger

If you have been seriously harmed in an accident or incident of some kind and you have suffered life-threatening injuries as a result, it's important to seek urgent medical attention rather than seeing an eye care specialist initially. Receiving the urgent/emergency care first will help stabilize your condition. Afterward, an eye care specialist can be consulted to address your issues with vision loss and eye health.

What to Do in the Event of a Serious Eye Problem

If you do suffer a serious eye injury, be sure to contact an eye care specialist as soon as possible, or to have a co-worker or someone present do so as you attend to your eye.

First, in the immediate aftermath of an injury, it's important to remain as calm as possible.

If a foreign object has gotten into your eye, DO NOT run your eyes or attempt to pick the object out yourself. Blink and try to naturally flush out the object with your tears. If you have lubricating eye drops handy, try using them to help flush out the object.

If a foreign object has punctured and embedded itself in your eye, DO NOT attempt to remove the object. A doctor will need to attend to that matter and will have the necessary training to avoid causing further harm to your eye.

If a chemical agent has wound up in your eye, be sure to flush out your eye under a faucet, using a steady stream of lukewarm water for several minutes. This will help remove as much of the harmful substance as possible. Should this occur at your workplace, they may have a designated eye washing station for just such incidents.

Tips for Preventing Serious Eye Injuries

In order to prevent serious eye injuries from occurring, consider the following tips:

  • Wear face and eye protection
  • Wear a helmet with a visor when riding a motorcycle
  • Point tools and object in front of you and away from your face
  • Check in which direction a nozzle is pointed before using it
  • Read directions before using any sort of chemicals
  • Always be mindful when commuting

Learn More About Emergency Eye Care Services

To find out more about treating serious vision problems and helping you maintain your vision, we encourage you to contact our advanced eye care centre today. Mr. Steven Bailey and his team are here to answer questions and provide services that help you see the world better.